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I live in the truly magical eco-spiritual community of Damanhur, nestled in the alpine foothills in northern Piedmont, Italy. I am surrounded by others who love art, music, culture, economics, science, technology, spirituality and sustainable living. In our community, we share a vision based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. Our way of living sparks our creativity at a deep level.
One hot summer in 1990 while in Sicily, when the sun was so intense that I couldn’t bare it, I decided to use the central hours of the day to learn silk painting. I made two headscarves, thanks to a Spanish teacher. By then, I had graduated from art school in Rome. I’ve always loved color combinations, shades and visual expressions of beauty. That was the advent of my line of hand painted silk scarves and fashion.
Since 1998, I have been combining my love of color with the sacred language and symbols that are exclusive to Damanhur. I take plain white silk and stretch it a wooden stretcher. The design is outlined with various colors of “gutta” then hand painted with Japanese brushes and silk dye. The painting is then ironed to “fix” it in place to allow hand washing.
I cannot help combining nuances, looking for harmonic and unusual color associations, taking care of small and precious details. I would like a world where everything is sought after, thought out, is interesting, and cared for in every detail, to enhance beauty and harmony with which to vibrate in unison.
My scope, in a world where high fashion is still ‘big production’, with poor ethics, is to create something that you can not find anywhere else in the world. Recovering artisanal craftsmanship, pure and precious materials, collections that last beyond the seasons. So I paint personally, on pure silk, one by one, scarves and outfits that match other accessories, inspired by a color, a desire, a special occasion. They are garments that make the wearer ‘visible‘ but are not loud: the woman who chooses them is not afraid of being noticed, and has the grace that only interesting personalities can contribute to what they wear, regardless of what she wears.
The models are feminine, accompanying the body shape, avoiding sharp lines, but inventing a new softness on each person.
The color is then decisive: I like to play with a different shade for each day of the week, to link up with wider rhythms, using the influences that they have on our mood. Orange for optimism, purple for introspection, green for business, yellow for waking the mind, red for accelerating energies. Only a few dark colors therefore, but many unusual combinations – no less than three colors for each composition – married to a monochrome, sober, main garment.
My production is unique and limited to a few pieces each year. New requests stimulate new creations, and help me find ‘new possible worlds.’ The symbols of the sacred language, which are infused into the scarves’ designs, carry with them a deep meaning and vibration of love, joy and compassion. So you are not just wearing a garment; you are subtly helping to elevate the consciousness of the world!

Baldissero Canavese

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