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My Sweetie

Our Italian Artisan

Giulia Cristiana Minelle

I was born in Padua from a Venetian mother and Paduan father. I guess you could say that I am an eclectic, creative personality who finds inspiration and vital energy in approaching different forms of art. I am also passionate about dogs! I was a designer for prestigious brands such as Trussardi, Brioni, Marlboro, and Paola Frani, among others. In 2014, I merged my career as a fashion designer with my respect for the ethical treatment of animals and the environment. My Sweetie was launched! This company is my dream of creating a line of collars, harnesses and leashes with a sustainable soul for dogs. Every My Sweetie creation is refined and elegant; each item an art object that is designed with meticulous care by expert hands to enhance the beauty of our dog friends. Materials are chosen with an eye for both quality and harmony of colors. I use choice scraps from high end Venetian leather fabrics that are destined for the shredder. I recover them from select warehouses. I also search for small metal parts originating from famous brands that add a statement of luxury to each piece. I continuously research fabrics, leather cuts, ropes, buckles and studs that add character and a handcrafted experience. So we limit waste production while being in solidarity with our four-legged friends.

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