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New York Collection by Silvia Zeta

Our Italian Artisan

Silvia Zeta

I have loved jewels since I was a little girl. After years of working as a general manager for an international automobile company, I decided to leave this job to follow my dream. I opened a little jewelry shop in one of the most prestigious shopping streets of Padua, just near Prato della Valle, the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe
My passion for jewels soon inspired me to create my own jewelry collection. The first Silvia Zeta collection was born in 2017, and it is still a success in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice. I am fortunate to be invited to these cities for exclusive events dedicated to the luxury segment. Within a few years, I started connecting with clients in the United States and Canada, as well as across Europe. I am now working to have my designs in the Emirates and Russia.
My jewels embody the soul of a strong, confident woman who wants to express her unique personality and sacred vessel of womanhood. They are a mixture of history and style (I love the ‘80s!), inspired by the beauty of Italian landscapes and art masterpieces. Leather, ruthenium, and yellow and pink gold are molded by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen.
The first Silvia Zeta collection is, by now, iconic. It is dedicated to Manhattan as seen through my Italian eyes, a tribute to “Sex and the City” that symbolizes the cosmopolitan woman as a citizen of the world. It is totally glam! It features black and red leather combined with gold and burnished silver to represent the soul of NYC. I am fortunate to have TV and film actors as some of my clients, and other women from around the world who love to be daring and have an original style.
My mind is always at unrest, which means that my creativity vibes are always running. No sooner do I finish one collection, when I am thinking about the next. Every collection is a challenge, an exciting adventure. Rome, the Eternal City, is my next inspiration! New York Collection by Silvia Zeta
Art, style and creativity are represented in this collection which flirts with shapes. Silvia Zeta’s jewelry is for all Women, no matter where you come from, what your beliefs are, or what your age is. It’s like every jewel merges together with each woman’s personality, becoming a second skin.
Available in 4 vegan leather colors: Light Pink, Red, White, and Black.
The collection is cruelty-free and with total respect for nature.
Metal composition: All metal base is brass either gold plated or ruthenium plated.
Red Collection: Red vegan leather & ruthenium plated brass
White & Pink Gold Collection: White leather & gold plated brass
Black Collection: Black vegan leather & gold plated brass
Pink Collection: Pink vegan leather & ruthenium plated brass
*Vegan leather is delicate and more complex to work than animal leather, therefore any slight imperfections are not defects but the sign of craftsmanship.

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