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Dolce & Vivace = Exquisitely unique, hand-crafted, ethical & sustainable Fashion Apparel, Accessories & Lifestyle Products for North America. Made in Italy con Amore!

Ciao, I’m Vivian, the founder of Dolce & Vivace. I grew up in Italy embracing its passion for life, beauty, and superb craftmanship. I always knew that I wanted to share what moved me, and my vision was brought to life as a result of powerful emotions that were evoked while watching the documentary Earthlings; a new humane consciousness was born as a result, and has been the driving force behind Dolce & Vivace. I realized that I wanted to combine my passion for beauty with nature.

Dolce & Vivace brings elegant, high-quality Italian artisanal goods that deserve to be seen, worn, and enjoyed by the rest of the world. We accomplished this by creating authentic connections with remarkable artisans and designers who have our planet’s best interest at heart, and who believe that honoring nature will never go out of style.

We believe that when an item is beautifully crafted with respect for Mother Earth, it carries an energy that radiates beyond the object, and is felt by its owner.

Our hope is that through our products, our customers will experience living in totality with all of the senses, the richness and luster of appreciating all that is, and knowing as well as feeling, that all is connected.

Our deepest purpose is to bring greater awareness and healing through projects that involve furthering the well-being of both humans and animals. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to such causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

Thank You so much for your support….Grazie and Arrivederci, from our hearts to yours!

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