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Our Italian Artisan

REVEYÉ, a new fashion brand

The idea
Passion for fashion, the vision of changing its system rules, strong aesthetic sense and a unique love for animal beings.
This is Reveyé, an idea flashed in the head of Marco and came into reality thanks to a sequence of lucky coincidences.
The rest of the team is formed by Andrea - visionary outsider and Marco’s Twin, Viviana – always looking for fashionable and girly animal-free brands, Mattia – a life for fashion, they embraced the idea and together brought this project to life, an atypical and innovative fashion business model. Players
114 years in all, 4 motivated youth who worked hard, each one with their own life experiences, aiming to reach the top and completing each other, and studying with passion to grow their projects. Like a single soul full of differences and contrasts given by their unique backgrounds, yet linked by the same love for cinema, art and music (on Bauhaus everyone agrees).
This is the team behind the brand.
Their references: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Walt Disney. The business man to follow: Brunello Cucinelli. Their top pick: Chanel. Their cult designers: Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester. The project, business philosophy
Reveyé is not just a millenials’ fashion start-up, it is a real collective and participating cultural project, a vision to be shared for its deep values which promotes a new lifestyle culture.
A ceaseless balance research between beauty and transparency, as Reveyé pursues the idea that fashion must be honest and true. A business style focused on sense and sensibility: creative tension and a new way of thinking are connected in a time where consumers are finally aware and careful about brand behaviors and they are more and more inclined to conscious choices.
Reveyé follows naturally its beliefs for animal respect and this is why they refuse anything resulting from violence and exploitation.
For Reveyé, shape has an essence and ethical code aligned with aesthetic needs, with attention towards trends and appeal.
Because animal-free and consumer awareness is not just a matter of hippy lifestyle.
Last, but not least, in Reveyé’s world there is no compromise for quality, and this is priceless. Following our times, the idea is to avoid wasting (both environmental and economical) from production to purchasing.
Reveye talks to different levels of fashion and gets support from several targets thanks to its aesthetic, ethical, and human principles. The Brand identity
Reveyé is Creole for wake-up, realize, stir. We can also see “rev-eye” as a new vision which distances itself from the current way of making fashion.
Reveyé is a call to action for change, to break the unacceptable rules of the current fashion system, and to recognize ourselves in a collective consciousness.
It addresses those seeking brands and products connected with their values, which is not a niche reality, but simply connecting with consumers who are seeking a different fashion paradigm.
The way to create beauty is through transparency, the refusal of any kind of exploitation, the commitment not to “touch” animal made products, are the principles that inspire Reveyé and they are all transposed into action.
Hand-made with 100% of the production made in Italy, with a vision of one day having our own complete internal production.
Caring about details, hand-made, and technology as a useful way to preserve the environment. We like to bring high quality to every step of the creative and production process, particularly regarding textile and accessories, which are carefully selected and always animal-free. So there will be technical fibers like Alcantara, which we chose for the red label which is a fixture on each garment. Here you have a brand to discover and to engage with, because of our strong belief that once you try Reveye, you will never go back! The Collection
Aura is the name of the launch collection.
Women, 100% animal-free, for SS 2018.
A capsule inspired for the woman who goes against the tide and doesn’t need approval. Sensitive and unconventional, self-confident, she loves being the center of attention.
Aura is purely aesthetics, optical illusion, and smart provocation with a look at the 80s (fact: each garment carries the name of inspiring women of that era: Drew, Sarah, Katy...)
Aura is also underneath the surface, the unknown and important side of the
soul, the halo.
Minimal and geometric style, clean lines and contrasts; width and adherence, soft transparency and matte surfaces, light and dark color blocks.
Key features: asymmetrical cuts, femininity; dresses dancing on the body enhancing the curves, giving the illusion of their shape when walking. Trousers, t-shirts and dresses, and the return of high-hip knee length short-skirts, made with soft fabric
Completing the capsule is the iconic dress of the collection, Mondrian inspired,
a sophisticated coat and a shining cape in Alcantara. Neutral primary colors, grey and white above all, then blue, black and just a touch of red.
Features: the attention for every details make the difference, the quality of being finished with smoothness, elegance and distinctive trait of the real Made in Italy excellency. Hidden seams and zips, reversed zippers, and selected buttons rule here.

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